Happy Bulge customers have a cheeky sense of style and can't help but get playful in our swimwear and underwear collections. We're excited to announce our first annual Next Top Bulge Contest with guys competing for the title and grand prize of a $500 Happy Bulge Gift Card.

Submit a photo of yourself wearing your Happy Bulge swimwear or underwear and agree to the contest rules. Once the contest begins, share the page with your social media audiences and encourage friends and followers to vote for you every day.

Remember to keep your photo submission tasteful because anything X-rated can't be shared on social media so you'd only be hurting your chances of getting votes. This is a playful contest and should not be overly sexualized by photo entries. Happy Bulge reserves the right to refuse any contest submission based on the above guidelines.

Voting begins DATE and closes at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on DATE. Winner will be the entrant with the most number of votes at the close of the contest.