My Journey From Top to Bottom Book

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A gay 25-year-old virgin is unheard of these days. But yes, that is what I am. Fortunately for you I am documenting my mission to go from inexperienced gay boy to sexpert in just 40 days. Every day I am determined to try something new. Whether it is new ways to pleasure myself or figuring out how to do it to others, this detailed journal gives you insight into my life as I figure out my sexual identity.

Like many gay guys I'm eager to determine whether I am a top or bottom. It seems like that is the way guys are grouped and find compatibility. I realize that's such a stereotype but it's also embarrassing at my age to say I don't know what my preference is. It's not like I'm going to tell a guy to get lost because we like the same thing. I'm not that judgmental that I won't hang out with a guy because we're both tops or both bottoms. And who knows, maybe he feels he's one over the other because he hasn't experimented to find out what works for him. I'm at least trying it all and deciding along the way.


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