PRODUCT PREVIEW: My Journey From Top to Bottom

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PRODUCT PREVIEW: My Journey From Top to Bottom

A gay 25-year-old virgin is unheard of these days. But yes, that is what I am. Fortunately for you I am documenting my mission to go from inexperienced gay boy to sexpert in just 40 days. Every day I am determined to try something new. Whether it is new ways to pleasure myself or figuring out how to do it to others, this detailed journal gives you insight into my life as I figure out my sexual identity. Like many gay guys I'm eager to determine whether I am a top or bottom. It seems like that is the way guys are grouped and find compatibility. I realize that's such a stereotype but it's also embarrassing at my age to say I don't know what my preference is. It's not like I'm going to tell a guy to get lost because we like the same thing. I'm not that judgmental that I won't hang out with a guy because we're both tops or both bottoms. And who knows, maybe he feels he's one over the other because he hasn't experimented to find out what works for him. I'm at least trying it all and deciding along the way.


Highlight from Day 10:
Today’s lucky audience member is getting the shower show. He said I should be in a towel when he comes over. I’m supposed to leave a towel by the front door so when he comes in he can strip down and be in a towel just like me. He’ll hear me in the bathroom and come around the corner just like a regular locker room.
We said hi, checked each other out and made small talk. We talked about working out and ended up opening the towels to reveal semi...
The steam from the shower, the heat from our bodies and the excitement of the moment drove me insane.

Highlight from Day 11:
I found one guy who was interested in watching but he was a little concerned about doing it in public. Let’s walk through the park and if we find a place, I’ll whip it out and do the deed. It would be casual. We could find someplace off the beaten path (pun totally intended) and chat.
We would talk so people could hear us and it wouldn’t seem like anything was going on in the bush. If he heard or saw someone, he’d change the subject right away and that would signal me to zip up and emerge from the brush. It was a foolproof plan. He could see me but if someone happened along the path there would be enough notice and they would hear him asking, “So what was it?” as though I was looking for something and moments later I would appear as the person or people went by. Sure it was a boner killer but it led to the excitement of getting caught.
After a few interruptions I was eventually blowing...

Highlight from Day 12:
Now I understand the thrill of being in public. The other day in the bush didn’t have a risk. Nobody would have seen me – unless the guy didn’t give the signal properly and I got busted. Tonight’s meeting was great because we had no idea if anybody was coming from any direction and we got totally lost in the moment that we didn’t feel like predators constantly looking around.
We met in the front street of a park. Different park, different location altogether. We walked a little ways before finding a secluded area where I totally stripped out of his selected dress code – this time nylon workout pants and shirt – and busted...

Highlight of Day 16:
My jacker arrived and I did the standard removal of clothing but allowed him to take over when it got to my unmentionables. At this point he knew what to expect underneath so he wasn’t in a hurry for the nudity to happen right away. Instead, he rubbed and grabbed and squeezed my bulges as I stood in front of him. He sat forward on the couch the whole time as he explored the front and back of my jockstrap.
I could tell he wanted to pull out my ____ and ____ it but he knew the limits. Instead he seemed just as excited to give me a few good tugs. This time he wanted the load on his face.

Highlight from Day 28:
I had always laughed at the idea of fuzzy handcuffs and whips. They got a giggle out of me just because they seemed so bizarre and cheesy. I didn’t get the appeal of it until the whole domination and submission thing came into play yesterday.
Thinking Nick would be in need of relief, I texted and asked about hanging out. We got into a pretty standard routine. We knew we would hang out for a while and then it would lead to nudity shortly thereafter. With him knowing about my quest to become a sex expert I think he grew to expect I was using him as a guinea pig for some of the experiences, though I didn’t always tell him what my plan was for that day.
He came to my place and we started making out. Instead of me making the first moves, I asked him what he wanted. I asked if he wanted me to s___ him. He said yeah. I told him I didn’t believe him. He repeated himself. I told him to tell me to do it. So he did and he pushed me down to my knees and shoved my face in his crotch and said, “S___ it, bitch.”

Highlight from Day 29:
I told Nick I wanted to top him and he said it might be a problem since he’s never had a fat eight-inch ____ up his ___. So maybe this was going to be a learning experience for both of us. Either way, he was down for trying it and seeing what happened.
We got to his place and got naked. This time the mood seemed different. There wasn’t the spontaneous kissing and pawing and undressing. It almost seemed to be quite structured and calm.

Highlight from Day 30:
Attempting to make it a truly memorable experience, Nick was wearing only a Speedo as he hurried through the kitchen preparing dinner. There was something incredibly sexy not only about the visual aspect of seeing him wearing next to nothing but also the amount of thought and tenderness he had already exhibited just planning the night.
I didn’t have to do anything aside from drinking the red wine he kept pouring me. Thinking I might want to relax in the bathtub he had candles lit all around it and told me to soak while he finished cooking. It was a good thought since it gave me a chance to clean my parts we would be using in a little while. Nick filled the tub and I added some bubbles and prepared myself to unwind. It seemed like I was only in there for a few minutes before Nick came to tell me dinner was on the table.
I got out of the tub, dried up and went to the kitchen, the lights were off except for two candles lit on the table. Nick pulled out the chair for me and we ate the tasty meal and I had all but forgotten about the task at hand; the real purpose of our get together: for me to get f___ed.

Highlight from Day 31:
I have topped and I have bottomed. I liked both but preferred topping. They say bottoming is an acquired taste. I was ready to explore and know for sure which was for me. I knew the second and third and probably fourth time would hurt, but you can’t say you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it.
I fell asleep at Nick’s house. I woke up before he did. Knowing his morning wood didn’t need a jumpstart from my mouth, I figured a morning f___ would be good since we could skip the foreplay and just get straight to the b___ action. Listen to me becoming an impatient sex kitten not wanting the rigmarole so I could get right into the good stuff.
Nick started moving as he awoke, I grabbed a condom and the lube and greeted him with every guy’s dream: a guaranteed f___ right when he opened his eyes.


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