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Happy Anniversary to us! Hi, everyone. My name is Jeremy. I, along with my husband, Charlie, run this silly little company that you have generously supported over the past three years. These posts generally aren't written in first-person but today we're personally writing to thank you for your love. It was April 3, 2019, when Happy Bulge launched at Phoenix Pride. We were a travelling Pride booth: One city one weekend, another city the next. After Phoenix we set up in my hometown of Winnipeg, then it was San Francisco, then it was Calgary, finally ending in Palm Springs. After...

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Our fifth and final Pride event of the year has come and gone -- much like the people in Palm Springs last weekend! Zing!

With the desert heat and countless pool parties happening all over, we thought Palm Springs was the perfect destination to set up shop and sell some swimwear. And we were right!

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In early 2019, we started ordering products from different manufacturers and noticed that the models were always big, muscular, ripped guys. Typical, right? The reality is, not everyone has that kind of body. We decided that this little clothing company would represent anybody who likes to laugh and be playful. So, we made an effort to feature guys of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in our photos.

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