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A gay 25-year-old virgin is unheard of these days. But yes, that is what I am. Fortunately for you I am documenting my mission to go from inexperienced gay boy to sexpert in just 40 days. Every day I am determined to try something new. Whether it is new ways to pleasure myself or figuring out how to do it to others, this detailed journal gives you insight into my life as I figure out my sexual identity. Like many gay guys I'm eager to determine whether I am a top or bottom. It seems like that is the way...

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Our fifth and final Pride event of the year has come and gone -- much like the people in Palm Springs last weekend! Zing!

With the desert heat and countless pool parties happening all over, we thought Palm Springs was the perfect destination to set up shop and sell some swimwear. And we were right!

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In early 2019, we started ordering products from different manufacturers and noticed that the models were always big, muscular, ripped guys. Typical, right? The reality is, not everyone has that kind of body. We decided that this little clothing company would represent anybody who likes to laugh and be playful. So, we made an effort to feature guys of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in our photos.

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We've only attended a few Pride events so we don't always know what to expect. Sometimes we have a full tent with electricity and other times we have a table on the ground that we have to set up ourselves. Plus, sometimes the festival's marketplace runs an entire weekend or in the case of Calgary, only one day.

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It's one of the largest Pride events in North America: San Francisco. So, we wondered: Could the little company from the Canadian prairies make a name for itself at a massive festival that apparently sees 1 million visitors? The answer: It would be damn hard, but... kinda.

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