It's official: We were the most popular booth in Winnipeg!

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It's official: We were the most popular booth in Winnipeg!

We learned a lot from our first Pride festival in Phoenix earlier this year. The desert crowd is all about gearing up for pool season in skimpy swimwear. Noted. In Winnipeg, it was a little different: It's more of a T-shirt crowd.

Once again, the shirts "Kiss whoever the fuck you want" and "I'm not sorry for your fragile masculinity" were the bestsellers. We made a special order for those shirts and they were both sold out after the two-day PrideMart event.

We also heard from followers on our Facebook page that we needed eye candy for the booth. So, we brought one of our models and he instantly caused a scene.

We had him stripped down to a Happy Bulge swim brief, just standing around. Yup, that's all he was doing. Just standing. And boy, did he get attention.

Arguably the most under-dressed person at the Pride festival, people noticed and flooded the booth to get pictures with him. He jokingly started saying it would be $5 to get a pic with him. In the end, it helped to have the extra foot traffic to our booth on the Sunday.

What didn't help was Shopify going down for several hours that day. It was embarrassing to have people clutching product and holding out a credit card only to discover the Shopify app wasn't working and neither was the Happy Bulge website. In fact, it was mortifying to hear one customer get so frustrated when we tried his card over and over again and said, "Forget it, I don't need it that badly" and walked away.

To help eliminate that problem when we're in San Francisco in a few weeks amongst an estimated 1 million people, we have backup with another payment service provider. Here's hoping everything will go smoothly when our little company enters the big leagues in San Fran. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to everyone who showed us some love in Winnipeg and has been checking out our social media pages!

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